Important advances have been achieved in vertical scar mammaplasty since the successful first edition of this book, which described the fundamentals of the technique. This new, completely revised and updated edition fully reflects the evolution in vertical scar mammaplasty during the past decade. Previously published procedures have been refined, and a variety of newer techniques are presented, including several breast reduction procedures using a short scar and techniques of mastopexy that pay specific attention to enhancement of breast projection and upper fullness. Extensive consideration is also given to the management of complications and suboptimal treatment outcomes. An impressive list of international authors have contributed to the book, each describing their own technique step by step in the manner of a manual. The surgical techniques are precisely depicted in high-quality illustrations, and readers will also have access to videos that will shorten the learning curve.


Prof. Dr. Moustapha Hamdi

The Foundation was created in 2021 by Professor Moustapha Hamdi. A leading plastic surgeon, Professor Hamdi has helped thousands of women during his career of over thirty years.

Originally from Syria, Professor Hamdi completed his medical training in Syria and his surgical training in Belgium and has extensive international experience. He currently practises in Brussels, including at the University Hospital Brussels where he is Head of Plastic Surgery. He is Past-President of the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery.

Vertical Scar Mammaplasty

The only book devoted solely to vertical scar mammaplasty
Prof. Dr. Moustapha Hamdi