In this book they describe the latest techniques for breast cancer patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery who initially opted for a partial mastectomy and radiotherapy.

With this “oncological approach ‘these women can retain both their breasts, while the surgeon can take the aesthetic and symmetrical aspect and the design of the chest into account.
Today, one of the main concerns for women diagnosed with breast cancer is a treatment in which the breast is preserved . But unfortunately breast-conserving surgery is seldom accompanied with a nice aesthetic result.

This book teaches surgeons the techniques necessary to improve aesthetic outcomes, while not neglecting the oncological standards. In addition, the authors focus on three points:

  • An improvement in the way the surgeon removes the breast tissue, for a better aesthetic result
  • Preventing a deformity during a partial breast reconstruction
  • Correcting the post-radiation distortion as it arises


Prof. Dr. Moustapha Hamdi

The Foundation was created in 2021 by Professor Moustapha Hamdi. A leading plastic surgeon, Professor Hamdi has helped thousands of women during his career of over thirty years.

Originally from Syria, Professor Hamdi completed his medical training in Syria and his surgical training in Belgium and has extensive international experience. He currently practises in Brussels, including at the University Hospital Brussels where he is Head of Plastic Surgery. He is Past-President of the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery.

Partial Breast Reconstruction

Techniques in Oncoplastic Surgery
Prof. Dr. Moustapha Hamdi